“HIPOD – Health Innovation and Partnership Opportunities Database” is a free-access online platform intended for the presentation of organisations operating in the Health sector in the cross-border cooperation region of Galicia (Spain) - Norte (Portugal), as well as the announcement of opportunities to establish scientific, technological, clinical or commercial partnerships with these organisations. These opportunities take the form either of "Offers" (Expertise for R&D projects; Technology / Licensing-out; Specialized services; Mentoring) or "Demands" (Expertise for R&D projects; Technology / Licensing-‌in; Specialized services; Mentoring; Tender / Procurement; Generic demands for unmet needs).

Organisations from Galicia and Norte are welcomed to register, to announce their institutional profiles, and to announce their offers or demands.

Organisations outside these two regions are also welcomed to register, but only demands will (eventually) be accepted and published.

HIPOD has been developed under the project CÓDIGOMÁIS. Approved under the first call of the Cooperation Programme Interreg V-A Spain-Portugal (POCTEP) 2014-2020, and with an overall budget of €2,288,893.27, CÓDIGOMÁIS is a project that aims to boost the creation of an innovative cross-border (Galicia - Norte) ecosystem in the health sector, which allows the integration of the main public and private actors, fostering the capacities and opportunities to value knowledge, and stimulating the functioning of a competitiveness pole of excellence related to the health sector.

To learn more about the project CÓDIGOMÁIS, please visit www.codigomais.eu.

HIPOD has been developed by InfoPortugal SA, based on a concept by and under the supervision of the Health Cluster Portugal (HCP). It is jointly managed by HCP and ACIS - Galician Health Knowledge Agency.