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BestHealth4U is developing and bringing to market a new generation of medical-grade adhesives. Bio2Skin is our revolutionary nano-based adhesive for medical applications and can be integrated into a wide range of medical devices. It is based on a patented-pending technology, that avoids skin injury in prolonged use or upon removal. It is ideal for general use and can provide effective protection against Medical Adhesive-Related Skin Injury (MARSI) in long-term applications such as ostomy, elderly and neo-natal patients. The treatment of the skin damage is costly in terms of service provision, time, and in severe cases requires long periods of hospitalizations due to infection. Besides mechanical injury, medical adhesives can induce dermatitis (either irritant or allergic) and other types of skin damage such as maceration of folliculitis. Age-related physiologic factors exert a significant impact on a patient’s susceptibility with the elderly and neonates the most vulnerable. In 2012, it was calculated that about €900 million in payments to hospitals in USA were withheld because of MARSI. Currently available adhesives are artificially produced viscous materials that fill the skin irregularities, to augment the contact area. When they are removed, they tend to provoke dermatitis, which is due to the removal of a large amount of epidermis cells. Bio2Skin is inspired by forces in nature which results from the combination of highly biocompatible chemically-modified polymers. The adhesive developed by BestHealth4U uses polyol polymer produced based on bio-materials and modified polymers. Applications of these materials are based on their intrinsic biocompatibility, biodegradability, and non-toxicity. Bio2Skin displays excellent adhesion properties to match currently used medical-grade adhesives. Bio2Skin binds to the natural features of the skin offering good adhesion properties without damaging the skin either during use or upon removal, reducing or even eliminating the skin damage caused by the continuous use of current adhesives. It can be used in ostomy, wound dressing, hot and cold therapy, wearable medical devices and kinesiology bands. Small-scale pre-clinical tests so far have been extremely promising, and we believe we can make a significant impact in the medical adhesive market which s is projected to reach €10 billion by 2019.
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Sónia Ferreira
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