Norte (Portugal)
Pharmaceutical Company; R&D Institution
BIAL is an innovative pharmaceutical company with products available in more than 55 countries. Founded in 1924, BIAL’s mission is to discover, develop and provide new therapeutic solutions within the area of Health. The company is committed to improve human health and quality of life for people from all over the world. Its strategic areas are Innovation, Internationalisation and Quality. The company headquarters are located in Portugal. BIAL has also affiliates in Spain, Germany, United Kingdom, Italy, Switzerland, Mozambique, Angola, Ivory Coast and Panama. Strongly committed to therapeutic innovation, and consistently investing more than 20% of its annual revenue in Research and Development (R&D), BIAL has established an ambitious R&D programme. Key focus areas for the Group are the neurosciences and cardiovascular. BIAL has launched eslicarbazepine acetate, an epilepsy drug, already available in the US and in several European countries. BIAL has also developed a Parkinson’s disease compound, opicapone, also commercialized in Europe. The company expects to introduce more new medicines to the market over the next few years, strengthening its international presence based in its own innovative medicines and accomplishing the purpose of delivering innovative products to patients worldwide. BIAL Group is a member of the “European Federation of Pharmaceutical Industries and Associations” (EFPIA).
Av. da Siderurgia Nacional, 4745-457 Trofa, Portugal
Contact Person:
Susana Vasconcelos
Telephone: +351229866100
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