Laboratory of Support to Research in Molecular Medicine (LAIMM)
by Faculty of Medicine of the University of Porto
Specialized services
Medical Technologies & In Vitro Diagnostics

Logistical, operational and consulting services in the context of biomedical research projects, as well as custom molecular biology laboratory services, mutant and transgenic mouse models production, and scientific training. Available for groups which have biological material and/or relevant clinical data but due to a lack of available time or experience in laboratory research require support in conceiving and designing a research project. Gene expression studies. Molecular cloning (recombinant DNA techniques). DNA-protein interactions. Genotyping. Molecular Typing. Molecular Biology - Proteomics. Protein expression studies. Protein-protein interactions. Protein separation by two-dimensional electrophoresis. Tagged protein purification (including liquid chromatography). Production of Mutant Animals / Genetic manipulation of the mouse (knock-out, knock-in, deletion). CRISPR/Cas9 and homologous recombination – mediated mutagenesis. Pronuclear Injection. ES cell Injection. Mouse Line Rederivation. Embryo Cryopreservation. Sperm Cryopreservation. In-Vitro Fertilization. Vasectomy and other Surgical Procedures. Bright field microscopy with image aquisition. Fluorescence Microscopy: live cell / embryo imaging; time-lapse; ApoTome optical sectioning; confocal microscopy. Equipment: Bio-Rad Protean i12 IEF Cell; Bio-Rad Trans-Blot Turbo system; Bio-Rad Biologic LP system + BioFrac Fraction collector. Molecular Dynamics Storm 860. MilliPore Milli-Q Integral 3. Thermo Scientific NanoDrop 2000. Agilent Byoanalizer 2100. Real-time PCR. Bio-Rad T100 Thermal. Polytron PT2500E. Thermo Scientific Savant SPD121P-230V SpeedVac concentrator. Thermo Micron HM560. Roche MagNA lyser. Sutter P-97 Micropipette Puller. Bio-Rad ChemiDoc MP. Leica AM6000 automated motorized inverted microscope + TransferMan NK2 Automated Micromanipulators and Microinjectors.

Contact Person:
Miguel Soares
Telephone: +351 220 426 779