ImunoDig - Luís Gustavo Barreira; Luís Filipe Andrade
Biotech Company
This is an invention that encapsulate proteins. The advantages are: 1. Stabilization of biological molecules that remain functional for at least 20 cycles of reaction => encapsulation process RESPECT the configuration of antibodies, antigens, enzymes. 2. Capacity of carrying different biological molecules in an independent format; e.g. besides mono-enzymatic this composite can work as a catalytic-cascade support: different enzymes can be encapsulated separately and at the same time. 3. Encapsulated proteins gain denaturation-resistance and the robustness of the composite enable its intensive use in: ►Medical Diagnosis Devices - encapsulated antibodies or antigens, in which the composite is permeated by a liquid biological sample and the counterparts’ antigens (or antibodies) or biomarkers from the donner patient are detected. ►Biocatalysis - encapsulated enzymes are advantageous over soluble enzymes => no need for continuous replacement of the enzymes, easier separation from the products, higher stability under industrial harsh conditions. This is a profitably invention because: a)- Point-of-Care Test (POCT) market in 2011 was in the order of USD 15 billion. The registration was in 2017 of 23 billion USD and a market growth rate around 10% per annum. Projection of the global POCTs market for 2022: USD 38 billion. b)- Biocatalysis use enzymes for manufacturing products of high commercial value in fine chemicals, pharmaceuticals and agrochemical intermediates, besides traditional applications in food industry. Enzymes are widely relevant in industrial budgets. This invention is under international patent: the novelty, inventive step and industrial application of all claims were fully recognized before IP international registration request, and that complied not only the method to synthetize both composites but the final product as well. COROLARIUM: we intend to market this invention.
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