Portuguese Catholic University
Norte (Portugal)
Academic Institution
The Portuguese Catholic University - UCP was created in 1967. Being a non-state entity, it enjoys a high degree of autonomy in the creation and operation of its units, facilities and courses. The UCP comprises 15 Faculties, Schools and Institutes that constitute the teaching and research units located in four regional centers (Braga, Porto, Beiras and Lisbon). In each of these Centers, transversal and complementary competences are identified in various fields of life and health sciences and technologies. The multi- and interdisciplinary nature of health research that is developed in the UCP is based mainly on postgraduate quality training, internationalization and establishing strong links with the industry sector. In this way, the UCP intends to intervene in a significant way in the scientific, economic and social communities through the development of R&D activities in areas ranging from biotechnology (food, environment and biomedical) to health care and aging, exploring current societal challenges for health promotion and well-being.
Rua Arquiteto Lobão Vital, 172, 4200-374 Porto, Portugal
Contact Person:
Ana Oliveira
E-mail: aloliveira@porto.ucp.pt
Telephone: +351 916 806 041
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